"Uwotoku" (Sushi) in Higashi Mukojima, Tokyo

Osteria Nakamura (Roppongi)

Good start of new month - June, 2024!!!
Tomorrow, it will be rainy or at least cloudy as per forecast.
Thus, better go out for some fun today.

Happened to made a table reservation at this restaurant yesterday.
MoonFlower and I went out to Roppongi this afternoon.

Restaurant was Italian and located in the backstreet of Roppongi.
Hard to find unless you have specific directions.

We went in to the "Osteria Nakamura" for dinner.

Sign was rather small… see, hard to find it! Hahaha.

Atmosphere was quite open with courteous customer service.

Small salad

Another salad

And one more

Pasta with octopus

Another pasta. Spinach and ragout source.

Main dining was, of course, lamb!!!

Man, it was a gougeous foodie!!!
MF and I both love that place.

Because we both were quite full, decided to walk down to Azabudai Hills.
It was first visit for me… to see urban developed uptown style place.
Interesting architecture for sure.

Anyhow, good food and great view. All good today.

Make sure to make a reservation if you like to go to the restaurant:

Osteria Nakamura
Roppongi, Tokyo

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